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When measuring for Electromagnetic Frequencies you want a dependable EMF Meter with high accuracy and quality workmanship.  For this reason we choose to promote, sell and  celebrate the advanced German-engineered EMF Meters made by Gigahertz Solutions.

Safe Living Technologies Inc. is pleased to be the North American Distributor and Retailer for their extensive product-lines which are excellent EMF tools to use when creating healthy living spaces.

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With this e-billboard we choose to celebrate one of the best EMF Meters, if not the best EMF Meter available in the world today:  We believe the eM3951A by Gigahetz Solutions offers us the most advanced scientific EMF Measuring Device available.  The links presented within this webpage will surf you to the respective information and "opportunities to buy" within our hosting website:  safelivingtechnologies.ca

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Product # eM3951A


$ 770.00 CAD each

Personal EMF Meter / Electromagnetic Field Detector

Great For Professional And Scientific Use

Detects Electromagnetic Fields from Electrical Wiring, High Voltage Power Lines, Transformers, Appliances, Computers, Electronic Devices and more in the frequency range 5Hz to 400KHz

For The Complete Gigahertz Solution EFM Meter Product Selection Please Visit our complete selection of EMF Meters.

Why to UPGRADE to the eM3951A EMF Meter

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PLUS Gigahertz Solutions manufactures an extensive line of supporting EMF & RF products and kits




  • Advanced German Engineering – Ahead of its time 
  • Optional calibration certificate 
  • High accuracy 
  • Largest frequency bandwidth - Covers frequency ranges which the competition is missing
  • Dual FunctionMagnetic Field Detector and Electric Field Detector 
  • Electric field analysis is just as important as the magnetic field  analysis
  • 12 years of experience in the field 
  • Complies to strict Swedish TCO and MPR standards 5 Hz to 400KHz 
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Data output option
  • Frequency filters help you pinpoint the frequency of the source 
  • Give audible tones which indicate a change in field strength – handy for evaluating large areas- Large 3.5 digit LED display which updates quickly allowing for faster and more accurate evaluations


Please contact us to order your EMF measurement devices.  Determining where to minimize your exposure to Electromagnetic Frequencies is the starting point.  Our Services include conducting a site visit to do a EMF Survey and EMF Risk Assessment in your home and or office or place of work: our focus in serving you is to be your partner in maximizing your Building Biology effectiveness and Healthy Living.



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